Bookings open for our 4th season for January  2021

HAVELOCK NORTH at Keirunga Arts Hub

Wednesday 6pm 27th January 

Friday afternoon 130pm 29th January 

NAPIER at Bluff Hill Bowling Club

Tuesday 26th January at 10am

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Seasons Art Class has come to Napier and Havelock North!


One of Europes' fastest growing art classes is now bringing it's successful step-by-step, beginners art course to the South Pacific.

Have the best fun ever and create the art you've always wanted to with supportive tutor and friends.


Over the 14 week* course you will explore four different media:

• Drawing

• Watercolour

• Acrylics

• Oil Pastels


Learn to Paint & Draw People & Places. Discover how to paint faces, figures, friends and family, beautiful landscapes. Learn the artists’ secrets that are needed to create your beautiful pieces of original art.


Surprise and delight your family and friends when you show them what you have learnt over a fun packed 14 weeks.


We'll look forward to meeting you here and watching your hidden talents blossom.


*13 weeks of tuition, the final session is an art exhibition so you can meet with all your new friends in a special social environment, your family is also invited to share in your success.


Napier / Havelock North

  • 3 hour class
  • Dedicated tutor
  • Choose morning, afternoon or evening class
  • Specially designed for beginners to improvers
  • *14 sessions (over 13 weeks)
  • Exhibition for family and friends
  • All art material supplied in class
  • Refreshments
  • You can spread your course fees - Call me 

"This is my favourite day of the week.  I love the support from our Tutor Roz, and her ability to teach in such a clear and friendly way.  The help in the class from Jacqueline is amazing and I have told my friends that this is the most relaxed and fun class which is also excellent value for money,  I have returned for the second season as Roz is so talented that she can adapt to my style when teaching"  Liz - Napier Class August 2020

"I attended Seasons Art Class for the “Beginners Sessions,” and was thrilled with the fact that all supplies were provided and the instructor was fantastic. I didn’t think I could Draw, far less paint, when I started, but by the end of the beginner series, I had a couple of paintings that my husband was so impressed with that he had them framed. 

If you want to develop that “Inner Artistic Talent” then do enrol, as you will enjoy how your skills develop and share the experience with all the other “Budding Artists.” 

Eve Casagranda (Budding Artist) August 2020

"I never expected to be able to draw and paint at my age.  Seasons has taught me to be confident in my ability in a relaxed and friendly environment.  Thank you Seasons for such an amazing opportunity to discover my inner artist."

John Leswick - Havelock North Aug 20


Absolute Beginners to Improvers, Just Like You

The Seasons Art Class® is a brilliant way to learn new skills you will be able to enjoy forever.


All courses are designed to be fun for absolute beginners (who have never picked up a brush before), through to Improvers.

It is also a great way of meeting new friends and to have a fun experience you will always remember and cherish!


It is open to all adults of all ages.

Step By Step, We Make It Easy and Fun...


Step by step progressive guidance and tuition in the basic techniques and secrets needed to create beautiful pieces of art.


We adapt to each student’s needs and give them all the help they require to develop their artistic skills. The curriculum is fun, comprehensive and interesting.


Over 14 weeks we will explore four different media:

  • pencil drawing

  • oil pastel

  • watercolours

  • acrylics


Up to 8 Masterpieces!


After 13 weeks, students have created a minimum of five to eight pieces of their very own original art they can enjoy forever, from misty mountain tops to stunning seaside vistas.


By the end of our course you will be able to draw and paint things you didn’t dream possible, from picturesque village scenes to sketches of your family, friends and even pets!

Contact me for a friendly chat or call 06 876 7022 /
021 131 1774

Your art courses are comprehensive.


We're making our beautiful art here today. Come and join us.


Studies, perspective, enlarging, faces and figures.

This first 3 week module gives you some interesting projects and provides the foundation for the rest of the course

Oil Pastels

A bright colourful exciting module – interesting step by step projects that create amazing results for you with our guidance.  This medium becomes a favourite of many students.

Watercolour painting

A very popular medium and easy to use once you know how.

By the end of this module you will have learned all about the colour wheel, mixing, brush strokes and wash techniques, and created 2 or 3 beautiful paintings to be proud of!

Painting with Acrylics

A versatile and enjoyable medium to paint with making it extremely popular with artists.

Our gradual progressive tuition allows you skill levels to increase substantially by this stage of the course and we will complete paintings during this module completely comfortably.

Relax & Have Fun While You Learn

All of our training is intended to ensure you progress artistically at a pace you are comfortable with, while seeing improvements in your creative capabilities and self-confidence along the way.


The nature of our tuition and the constant assistance available from both our teachers and class assistants will ensure that at this point in the curriculum you have reached a level of competence that will encourage you to progress further, and show your friends and relatives the finished pictures you have created during your three and a half months with us.


You will leave with a selection of your own original pencil drawings, pastel sketches, acrylic paintings and watercolours to cherish, and a high proportion of our students then choose to go on to attend further lessons, studios and workshops in the future with us

“If you have the dexterity to write, then you have the ability to draw or paint. All you need is the right guidance to help you develop your creative skills and discover your inner artist”.

You'll love our classes.

We incorporate a happy, relaxed feel to our friendly, fun, easy step by step lessons, providing not just a high level of tuition to help develop potential artists, but a bubbly social gathering that all our students look forward to attending.

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