My cat on the roof next door

I am sitting here in my office getting ready for the art classes starting in June and noticed that my cat was once again on the neighbours roof. A few weeks ago, I had to get out my ladder and coax her down ......... today, she looked at me in that typically cat independent way and jumped down without assistance. Thanks Chai you little minx.

So, it is exciting for me to get so many calls for bookings after the lockdown. Well done to NZ for being so awesome during this time and being so keen to start up again.


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We have had our first classes this week and the fun and enjoyment of the students was delightful. The first session covered using pencils and different techniques. Can't wait to see what the student

You'll love our classes.

We incorporate a happy, relaxed feel to our friendly, fun, easy step by step lessons, providing not just a high level of tuition to help develop potential artists, but a bubbly social gathering that all our students look forward to attending.

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