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Art is an ever-evolving journey. From the first stroke of a pencil to mastering intricate techniques, every artist has a unique story to share. At Seasons Art Class - Napier, nestled beautifully in the heart of Art in the Bay, we are proud to introduce our intermediate art class, specially designed to refine your skills and guide you to the next level.

Art Workshops for Improvers: Why Are We Unique?

Our commitment is straightforward: to offer a detailed, in-depth, and above all, enriching experience. Our art workshops for improvers are not just lessons but experiences that encourage exploration and foster creativity.


With seasoned instructors who are passionate about art and teaching, our workshops give you:


Personalised Attention: Our classes maintain a limited student-to-instructor ratio ensuring that every student gets the attention they deserve.


Diverse Techniques: We cover a range of methods, from traditional to the latest trends, ensuring you're always ahead in the art world.


Interactive Sessions: We believe in hands-on learning. Through interactive sessions, our students not only learn but also practise real-time, solidifying their grasp of techniques.


Why Choose Our Intermediate Art Lessons?

The pathway from beginner to expert is laden with numerous discoveries. If you've just completed our beginners course or have some basic knowledge of art, our intermediate art lessons will be a perfect match.


  • Structured Curriculum: Our 14-week art course is well-balanced, ensuring a steady progression in your artistic journey.


  • Certified Instructors: Our instructors aren't just artists; they're trained educators who understand the nuances of teaching art.


While there are numerous art classes available, our strength lies in the genuine care we exhibit for each student. We don't just teach; we mentor. We aren't just a class; we are a community. Join us, and let's paint stories together.


Become a Part of Seasons Art Class - Napier Today!

Art is about growth, passion, and the sheer joy of creating. Join our community for intermediate art class and beginner lessons and let's dive into this colourful journey together. Ready to explore, learn, and create?


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We're making our beautiful art here today. Come and conquer your own style and meet new friends.

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